GOLD STAR MACHINERY CO.,LTD - Letter to value customers

GOLD STAR MACHINERY CO.,LTD - Letter to value customers

Write By: andy Published In: NEWS Created Date: 2016-01-14

Dear value customers,

This is Andy, Overseas Manager of GOLD STAR MACHINERY CO.,LTD from Vietnam.

I would like to introduce our company and hope to cooperate with you in the future!

GOLD STAR MACHINERY CO.,LTD is an agricultural machinery export company. We specialize in exporting brand new, reconditioned and used KUBOTA combine harvester, tractor and rice transplanter.

In specific, our products offer are:


-       KUBOTA combine harvester DC-35, DC-60, DC-70, DC-70G, DC-95GM

-       KUBOTA tractor B2420, L3108, L3408, L4508, M6040SU, M704K

-       KUBOTA rice transplanter SPW-48C, NSPU-68C


-       KUBOTA combine harvester DC-60, DC-70, DC-68G, DC-70G, DC-95GM

-       KUBOTA tractor L3408, L4508


Our company has exported to over 25 countries such as Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Tanzania, Iran, Colombia...

·      More company information and product photos, please click here,

·      Our youtube videos, click here.

I hope my information will be useful for you.

I am looking forward to doing business with your company in the future!

Please feel free to reply or contact me via Viber/WhatsApp: +84 977 260 678 if you have any further information.