Kubota Tractor L5018 with front loader LA588

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Kubota Tractor L5018 with front loader LA588

Kubota Tractor L5018 with front loader LA588 has width of rear wheelbase into 5 levels

KUBOTA Tractor L5018 can be adjusted its width of rear wheelbase into 5 levels1 : 115.5 cm, 122.5 cm, 132.5 cm, 135 cm and 144.5 cm, to choose the proper width to work in.

8 forward gears and 8 reverse gears

With 8 forward gears and 8 reverse gears, the operator can select the speed that suits variety of implements in order to work in both crop field and paddy field efficiently.

4-Wheel Drive System

The system will increases traction and transmit power to all 4 wheels, reducing chances of wheel slippage.

Synchro Shuttle Directional Transmission

The Synchro-Shuttle Directional Transmission, located under the steering wheel for ease of use, enables the operator to switch between forward and reverse without stopping the tractor, making gear shifting easier, smooth operation and powerful agility.

Power Steering

With the tight turning radius of 2.65 m*, the operator can confidently work in the small area where frequent turning or U-turning is needed. And with the help of power steering, turning is easily done with less effort.

Proper Weight, Ground Clearance and Horse Power

L5018 tractor is designed to have proper weight and ground clearance to fit with horsepower, so it can work with full efficiency in various situations: working in puddle or crossing high ridges.

Kubota Tractor L5018 with front loader LA588 is 50HP engine

With 2,434CC displacement and direct injection combustion system, the 50HP engine enables the tractor to work in heavy conditions in both crop field and paddy field.

3-Point Hitch

It is designed to have double lift arms (crab claw type) to handle heavy-duty tasks, extending its useful life and minimizing the maintenance expense.

Front Axle and Front Wheel Hub

With large front axle and bevel gear front hub closed system, L5018 tractor can absorb impact and shock, withstand heavy-duty tasks and reduce mud and dust getting into the front axle.

Internal Parts

Internal parts are tough and strong. Transmission case, clutch housing, rear axle case and cylinder housing are made of special cast iron and can absorb shock from heavy-duty tasks.

Stream Drain

The stream drain tube located at front axle makes Kubota Tractor L5018 with front loader LA588 tractor more durable. It helps reduce pressure inside the tractor, chances of seal broken and risk of oil leak at front axle.

LED Display Panel

The delicate design of display panel makes it easier for the operator to read during daytime or night time.

New Design Hood

Beautiful design of KUBOTA Tractor L5018 with modern style displays the advancement of KUBOTA technology.

LED Lights beside the Wheels

The lighting system beside the front wheels is perfectly designed to allow the operator to have a clearer vision at night and be able to confidently work during night time.

Handle at Fender

Handle at left fender enables the operator to keep balance well while driving and makes it easier to get on and off the tractor.

KUBOTA Driver Safety (KDS) System

KDS system, safety innovation, has been designed to protect an operator, consisting of safety frame and seatbelt. The operator will be in the safest area when the tractor roll over. KDS also helps reduce the risk of the operator being run over by a tractor.

Cushion Seat

Designed by considering the body of the operator, the cushion seat is wider and soft, adsorbing shock during operation and reducing fatigue.