Kubota Tractor M7040

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Kubota Tractor M7040

Kubota tractor M7040 Series provide solutions to heavy-duty tasks. Besides efficient and powerful engines, offering good mobility with transmission systems exclusively designed for KUBOTA tractors.

Are you interested for Kubota M7040 Tractor Price and it’s the technical specification mileage? Do you want to buy a new tractor? Don’t worry., we are providing all kinds of information about Kubota M7040 tractor for you because no one can fraud with you after reading this post because we are providing genuine and perfect information in details. You can easy to understand.

Center direct injection diesel engine

Kubota tractor M7040 comes with a 3,331-cc center direct injection diesel engine of Model V330, boasting 70 horsepower.Fuel is directly injected into the middle of the piston head, resulting in a complete combustion and fuel economy.

Main transmission system: synchromesh

The system provides 8 forward gears and 8 reverse gears and enables the operator to switch between forward and reverse without stopping the tractor. It ensures maneuverability and speedy performance with great efficiency.

Directional gear: synchro shuttle

It enables the operator to switch between forward and reverse without stopping the tractor.  Kubota tractor M7040 is designed for jobs requiring repetitive forward and reverse motions.

Hydraulic power steering system 

It gives the operator a full and easy control when turning. The steering wheel can be adjusted to suit the operator’s physique.

Four-wheel drive system

Working in conjunction with lock differential, the traction is maximized. Kubota tractor M7040 is ideal for tough jobs including field plowing and ground leveling which require high traction. 

kubota m7040 tractor

front view kubota tractor m7040

M7040 no dozer